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One day Sylwia decided to leave Poland and moved to England. And for a person of small needs and true virtue it was a big change. Thirteen years gone past in a blink of an eye. In between some dreadful chicken factory experiences and scrubbing lots and lots of pots and pans she found her great passion for photography. That was the beginning and it has worked out blissfully.

After graduating from University of Salford with distinction she continues her career as a photographer. Sylwia's talent for spotting the smallest details gives her ability to create things that are unique in their very nature. She has brainstormed, planed and photographed different projects with no limits in subject, while earning a living from commercial work. Nevertheless, she unravels her passion and experiments with new concepts towards discovering her true subjects.


OPENING 24th MAY 2017

20:00 till late


25th-28th MAY 2017


Venue: Blue Note Jazz Club


Curated by 

Iza Rudzka & Magda Jugo

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